Testing the Featured Story Device

This morning I was staring idly out of the front room window when unexpectedly a Chaffinch popped out of a bush onto the nearby bird feeder. The bright splash of colour immediately caught my attention. It was my first sighting this year. Intrigued I searched the internet for more details....

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Cervical Screening

Jan 21
Women urged to attend their cervical screening During Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 2020 (20-26 January), health professionals at NHS South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are reminding women about the importance of attending their cervical screening – also known as a smear test. Cervical cancer affects around 3,000 women in...
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Welcome to my chronicle

Nov 29
This is a blog based on the concept of a 'Commonplace Book' more to come soon.
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